• Guest Curator | MECA Alumni Triennial 2018

    Curious Nature | 2018 Alumni Triennial Exhibition
    The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art
    Portland, ME

    August 3 - September 15, 2018

    ICA at MECA

    Curious Nature brings together a diverse group of artists who draw inspiration from the natural world. Employing various mediums, from painting to sculpture, photography, and installation, their works are rooted in the act of looking closer.

    The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. - John Muir

    These artists explore our relationship with the natural world through investigating the structure of reality, daily rhythms, beauty, texture, and emergent patterns. Focusing their attention on places and processes that are often overlooked, they illuminate the various forces affecting ecosystems and the environment that surrounds us. Their perspectives range from the micro and macro, revealing new views of familiar terrain. In an attempt to capture that which is in a state of constant transformation, they record their surroundings, yielding works that inspire our own sense of awe, inviting us to both celebrate nature and protect it. Guest Curator, Shannon Rankin ’97.

    Rankin’s selections include fifteen artists exhibiting diverse works that range from painting, printmaking and photography, to sculpture, ceramics, metalwork and installation. Artists include: Annika Early MFA ’16 (Portland, ME), Kristin Fitzpatrick (West Kennebunk, ME), Danielle Gerber ’12 (Portland, ME), Alisha Gould MFA ’10 (Kennebunk, ME), Kayla Goulden ’13 (Portland, ME), Lenka Konopasek MFA ’01 (Salt Lake City, UT), Mark Marchesi ’99 (Portland, ME), Tessa Green O'Brien MFA ’16 (South Portland, ME), Isabelle O'Donnell ’17 (Portland, ME), Catherine Quattrociocchi ’17 (Portland, ME), Sam Richardson ’15 (Portland, ME), Celeste Roberge ’79 (South Portland, ME), Bryan Stryeski MFA ’01 (Brooklyn, NY and Avon, CT), Sarah Camille Wilson ’07 (Burlington, VT) and Charley Young MFA ’14 (Halifax, NS).

  • Group Exhibition | Water is Everything

    Group Exhibition | Water is Everything

    Water is Everything
    Drive-by Projects
    Watertown, MA

    November 18, 2017 - January 16, 2018
    Opening reception: Saturday, November 18, 3-5pm
    Hours: Thursday 12 - 4 pm or by appointment 617.835.8255

    Drive-by Projects

    Water is Everything, an exhibition of paintings by Judith Belzer and Cheryl Molnar, and works on paper by Joseph Smolinski and Shannon Rankin.

    "Water is vital for our existence. Not only do we drink it for survival, the majority of the human body is also composed of water. The earth's weather patterns are closely linked to water too, as they are determined by the complex patterns of changes and movement of water in the atmosphere."
    From the website Readworks.org, intended as educational material for 8th grade students.

    Joseph Smolinski's work examines human interventions in the landscape. His Open Water series looks at our dependence on water and the potential energy it holds. Considering current events, these bodies of water hold the capacity for innovation or tragedy. A phosphorescent glow illuminates Smolinski's beautifully articulated seascapes to create images that are simultaneously seductive and ominous.

    Judith Belzer continues her exploration of water infrastructure and how it reflects the impact of human activity on the global landscape with her paintings of the Hoover and Glen Canyon dams. Built to last 750-1000 years, they will most likely outlive their utility on account of water scarcity caused by climate change. Belzer sees the dams as "beautiful, iconic forms that will most likely endure as monuments to our American hubris and greed."

    Cheryl Molnar's collaged paintings depict fictional landscapes inspired by locations that Molnar has visited. In Cliffside, the ghostly image of a contemporary house rests precariously atop a weather-worn bluff. Though no water is visible, the effects of unchecked clearing of the land for development are apparent in the eroded cliff as the house balances on the edge of oblivion.

    Shannon Rankin addresses the crisis of slowly melting arctic glaciers with her Earth Embroideries. Satellite views of arctic landscapes are transcribed with thread onto paper, re-forming that vast terrain into something that can be held in ones hand. Rankin's slow methodical stitching process alludes to glacial time and, hopefully, mindful mending.

    Review | Water is Everything, Mallory A. Ruymann, The Rib

  • Group Exhibition | Materiality: The Matter of Matter

    Group Exhibition | Materiality: The Matter of Matter

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art
    November 11, 2017 - February 11, 2018
    Rockland, ME

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art

    You begin with the possibilities of the material. –Robert Rauschenberg

    The question of how and why an artist uses materials has long been a topic of consideration in art history. Today, many artists are looking to this question and seeking to find a balance between what they use to make work and the concepts behind them. Providing agency to the materials themselves, artists are looking at materials as a means of communication, whether they are expanding on traditional media and narratives or utilizing everyday objects to construct new forms. Exploring these concerns in their work, the artists included in the exhibition, all with ties to Maine, are also considering why they choose to work with certain matter in our current material culture and social climate, and the role that these materials play within it.

    Curated by Bethany Engstrom

    Artists included in the exhibition are Jackie Brown, Stephanie Cardon, Lisa Kellner, Adam Lampton, Jonathan Mess, Loretta Park, Gelah Penn, Ben Potter, Shannon Rankin, Emilie Stark-Menneg, Aaron T Stephan, and Ian Trask.

    Image: L-R Plate (Fissure), Unearthed (16, 17, 9, 10, and 12), Plate (Fathom)

    Photo credit: Dave Clough

  • Group Exhibition | Go Where the Map Takes You

    Go Where the Map Takes You: The intersection of Cartography and Creativity
    Osher Map Library & Smith Center for Cartographic Education
    November 16, 2017 - March 10, 2018
    Portland, ME

    Opening Reception: November, 16th from 5:30-8 pm

    Osher Map Library

    Artists featured in the exhibition: Connie Brown, Jeff Sheridan, Molly Brown, Shannon Rankin, Matthew Cusick, Dan Mills, Jeff Woodbury, Alison Hildreth, Mike Libby, Cynthia Davis, Rebecca Riley, Matt Dooley, Sam Farrar and Nikki Rosato.

  • Group Exhibition | RAiR at 50: Beyond the Gift of Time

    Roswell Museum and Art Center
    October 6, 2017 - April 6, 2018
    Roswell, NM

    Opening Reception 5-6 PM

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program, RAiR at 50: Beyond the Gift of Time features new work from more than 170 RAiR alumni and current residents.


    This event is presented in partnership with the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program, an artist residency that offers a one year gift of time to artists at all stages in their career from throughout the world. Generous support has also been provided by Donald and Sally Anderson, the RAiR Foundation, and the RMAC Foundation.

    For fifty years, the Roswell Artist-in-Residency Program has empowered artists by enabling them to focus exclusively on their creative practices. Established in 1967 by oil businessman, philanthropist and artist Donald B. Anderson, the RAiR grant offers its recipients "the gift of time" by providing the housing, studio space, and income that gives artists and personal and financial freedom to concentrate on their own art for a year. Open to all artists at any stage in their career, the grant attracts a diverse group of people to New Mexico who form a unique creative community, and provides Roswell residents with the opportunity to see contemporary art from around the world.

  • Interview | Boston Voyager


  • Award | Artist Residency

    Award | Artist Residency

    The Studios at MASS MoCA
    August, 2017
    North Adams, MA

    The Studios at MASS MoCA

    Open Studios: (L/R) Tanja Hollander and Denise Markonish, curator at MASS MoCA

    Photo credit: Krystal Henriquez

  • Publication | Interalia Magazine

    Interalia Magazine
    Maps and Mapping
    Issue 33 | May 2017

    This essay was originally published April 27, 2017 and written by Suzette McAvoy for Unity College’s online publication Hawk & Handsaw: Journal of Creative Sustainability

    Shannon Rankin is an artist who uses the language of maps to explore the complexities and interconnections between the inner and outer worlds, between that which is known and that which remains beyond the field of knowledge, that mythical place on medieval maps where the dragons lie and cherubs blow the wind. The duality of our human capacity for imagination and reason, for creation and destruction, for being of nature and apart from it, is a rhumb line that courses through her work. - Suzette McAvoy

    Maps and Mapping

  • Publication | The Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge

    The Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge
    by Manual Lima
    Princeton Architectural Press
    May, 2017

    The Book of Circles

    Science Magazine
    The Guardian

  • Publication | Hawk & Handsaw

    Hawk & Handsaw - Journal of Creative Sustainability
    Essay by Suzette McAvoy
    Director and Chief Curator of the Center for Maine Contemporary Art
    April, 2017

    Where the Dragons Lie

    Time as a metaphor and a component of making is embedded in Rankin’s art. Her processes of creation and methods of installation are slow and meditative, involving careful painstaking cutting, the accumulation of many small repeated forms, and the meticulous pinning, stitching or pasting of pieces to form a whole. Sometimes an idea or method is revisited or is carried further in a series, but every work is unique and individual, every installation new to its time and place. - Suzette McAvoy

  • Group Exhibition | Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper Cutting

    Currier Museum of Art
    February 25, 2017 - May 21, 2017
    Manchester, NH
    Currier Museum of Art

    Deep Cuts will showcase work by contemporary artists who reconsider, redefine and even subvert the centuries-old practice of paper cutting. In the tradition of the craft, the art to be featured in the exhibition is impressive and intricate, but its subject matter is updated for the 21st century. Addressing deeper personal or social themes, the work will touch upon complex reference points including the various cultural, economic and environmental associations imbued in the humble medium of paper.

    Artists featured in the exhibition: Elizabeth Alexander, Noriko Ambe, Hina Aoyama, Doug Beube, Ambreen Butt, Jonathan Callan, Rob Carter, Charles Clary, Brian Dettmer, Andrea Dezsö, Lauren Fensterstock, Adam Fowler, Randy Garber, Meg Hitchcock, Jim Hodges, Li Hongbo, Fred H C Liang, Marco Maggi, Youdhi Maharjan, Stefana McClure, Lisa Nilsson, Julian Opie, Shannon Rankin, Nikki Rosato, Kim Rugg, Mathias Schmied, Jane South, Jill Sylvia, Sarah Sze, Yuken Teruya, Robert The, Randal Thurston, August Ventimiglia, Mark Wagner, Kara Walker and C. K. Wilde.

  • Solo Exhibition | Overview

    Roswell Museum & Art Center
    October 14, 2016 - December 4, 2016
    Roswell, NM


  • Award | Artist Residency

    Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program
    April 2016 - April 2017
    Roswell, NM


  • Publication | Kwer Magazin

    Kwer Magazine
    by Dave Großmann & Hartmut Friedrich
    Issue No. 3


  • Publication | American Craft Magazine

    American Craft Magazine
    April / May 2016


  • Publication | Your Idea Starts Here

    Your Idea Starts Here
    by Carolyn Eckert

    Storey Publishing
    May 2016

  • Publication | Making Art from Maps

    Making Art from Maps
    Inspiration, Techniques, and an International Gallery of Artists
    by Jill K. Berry

    Rockport Publishers
    June 2016


  • Publication | Radar Poetry

    Radar Poetry

    Selflesh illustrations featured in Issue No. 9.
    January 2016


  • Group Exhibition | Beyond Boundaries

    Curated by Joanne O'Neil
    Flinn Gallery
    October 29, 2015 - December 9, 2015
    Greenwich, CT
    Flinn Gallery

    Artists: Lisa Corinne Davis, Hazel Jarvis, Shannon Rankin and Rebecca Riley

  • Publication | Harvard Business Review

    Harvard Business Review
    October 2015

    Pages 7, 16, 65, 67, 75 & 82


  • Award | A.R.T. Grant

    Artist's Resource Trust Fund
    Individual artist grant awarded by Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

    Berkshire Taconic

  • Group Exhibition | Excavations

    Curated by Adrienne Jacobson
    New Art Center
    March 22 - May 9, 2015
    Newton, MA
    New Art Center

    This exhibition examines the physical and metaphorical process of excavation in the work of artists who cut away materials and uncover memories. These processes involve a search for hidden history and an awareness of geology, landscape and time. Artists: Laura Evans, Candice Ivy, Ken Landauer, Shannon Rankin, Jill Slosburg-Ackerman, August Ventimiglia

    Art Review

    Boston Globe
    New routes, old unknowns
    Cate McQuaid

    Shannon Rankin cuts up maps and puts them back together in collage and sculptural formats. For “Basin,” she cut and layered several wavering rings into a topological rendering. We can no longer find our way using her maps, but drawing attention to their language, she orients us to a different route to understanding. - Cate McQuaid

  • Group Exhibition | Art in the Embassies

    2014 - 2016
    US Embassy, Doha, Qatar

    Group exhibition with Jeffery Becton, Mel Bochner, Dale Chihuly, Grace DeGennaro, Gabriella D'Italia, Alex Katz, Anne Neely, Shannon Rankin, Abbie Reed, and Claire Seidl.

  • Group Exhibition | CMCA Biennial 2014

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art
    September 27 - December 07, 2014
    Rockport, Maine

    Jennifer Gross, chief curator of the deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum
    Deborah Weisgall, arts and culture writer (The New York Times, The Atlantic, Esquire, The New Yorker).

    Art Reviews

    The Portland Press Herald
    Center for Maine Contemporary Art 2014 Biennial a gritty, refreshing show
    Daniel Kany

    Art New England
    CMCA Biennial Brings Emerging Artists to the Fore
    Andres Azucena Verzosa

    Free Press
    art current: CMCA Biennial
    Britta Konau

  • Group Exhibition | Making a New Whole

    The Art of Collage
    UNE Gallery
    Portland, ME
    June 26 - September 28, 2014
    UNE Gallery

    Art Review
    The Portland Press Herald
    University of New England makes the case for contemporary collage
    Daniel Kany

  • Publication | The Map Art of the World

    By Jenny Chou
    DPI Magazine
    May, 2014
    DPI Magazine

  • Publication | Annual Art Issue

    By Britta Konau
    April, 2014
    Maine Home + Design

    I love Shannon’s work because it unites extremes of consciousness simultaneously—the global and the intimate, the factual and the fanciful. She manipulates ‘known’ geography by reconfiguring maps into new patterns and constellations. - Jocelyn Lee

  • Publication | Creative Block

    By Danielle Krysa
    Pg. 244-249
    Published by Chronicle Books
    February, 2014
    Creative Block

  • Group Exhibition | The Portland Show

    Greenhut Galleries
    April 3 - April 26, 2014
    Portland, ME
    Greenhut Galleries

  • Group Exhibition | Collage X 10

    Lewis Gallery
    Portland Public Library
    March 7 - March 29, 2014
    Portland, ME

    Sponsored by CMCA and curated by CMCA curator emeritus Bruce Brown

  • Two Person Exhibition | Crux

    Shannon Rankin and Justin Richel
    June Fitzpatrick Gallery
    May 31 - June 29, 2013
    Portland, ME
    June Fitzpatrick Gallery

  • Publication | West Elm

    West Elm Catalog
    Selflesh illustrations featured in March 2013


  • Press | Gorgeous Collages Made Entirely Of Old Maps

    Fast Co. Design
    By Kyle Vanhemert
    May, 2013
    Fast Co. Design

  • Press | Maps by Shannon Rankin

    By Amanda Jakubik
    April, 2013

  • Publication | Geo Graphic

    Geo Graphic
    A Book for Map Lovers
    Pg. 156-161
    Published by Index Book
    Spring 2013
    Index Book

  • Juror | MECA Alumni Biennial

    Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art
    August 24 - October 13, 2013
    522 Congress Street
    Portland, ME

    The Portland Press Herald
    MECA's 'Ardor' a passionate Prelude
    Daniel Kany

  • Group Exhibition | Art To Collect Now

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art
    35th Annual Benefit Art Auction Exhibition
    July 14 - July 28, 2012
    Rockport, ME

  • Group Exhibition | Santorini Biennale

    The Biennale of Santorini
    Santorini, Greece
    July 1 - September 30, 2012
    Santorini Biennale

  • Group Exhibition | The Portland Show

    Greenhut Galleries
    March 1 - April 28, 2012
    Portland, ME
    Greenhut Galleries

  • Group Exhibition | Here today gone tomorrow, life's fragile nature

    NG Art Gallery
    March 20 - April 7, 2012
    NSW, Australia
    NG Art Gallery

  • Publication | Un atlas imaginaire

    Cartes allégoriques et satiriques
    Figures de la carte | Pg. 18 and 173
    by Laurent Baridon
    Published by Citadelles & Mazenod
    Summer 2011
    Citadelles & Mazenod

  • Publication | Elephant

    Cosmologies of the Self
    by Ana Ibarra
    Issue 7 / Summer 2011

  • Publication | The Canvas

    Elemental Patterns
    By Britta Konau
    August, 2011
    Maine Home + Design

  • Publication | Papercraft 2

    By R. Klanten, N. Bourquin, S. Ehnmann, and T. Tissot
    Published by Gestalten
    April, 2011
    Papercraft 2

  • Award | Artist Residency

    Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
    Fall 2011
    Omaha, NE

  • Group Exhibition | Nature's Keep

    Harlow Gallery
    August 5 - 27, 2011
    Hallowell, ME
    Harlow Gallery

  • Solo Exhibition | Fathom

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art
    May, 28th - July, 23rd, 2011
    Rockport, ME

    Art Review
    The Portland Press Herald
    With 'Fathom' and 'Counterpoint,' CMCA has never looked better
    Daniel Kany

  • Group Exhibition | Moving Maps

    EPFL Rolex Learning Center
    April 11th - 30th
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    Moving Maps

  • Solo Exhibition | Disperse / Displace

    December 3rd, 2010
    Gallery Voss
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Gallery Voss

    Rheinische Post

  • Group Exhibition | Maps

    June Fitzpatrick Gallery
    November, 2010
    Portland, ME
    June Fitzpatrick Gallery

    Art Review
    The Portland Press Herald
    Follow MAPS on a journey of wit, grace and beauty
    Daniel Kany

  • Group Exhibition | Constructed Territory

    Wright University
    Robert & Elaine Stein Galleries
    October 31, 2010 - January 9, 2011
    Dayton, OH
    Robert & Elaine Stein Galleries

  • Publication | See

    Maine Magazine
    By Deborah Weisgall
    July, 2010
    Maine Magazine

  • Award | Juror's Prize

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art
    Awarded Juror's Prize - Solo Show, 2011

    2010 CMCA Biennial Jurors
    George Adams, George Adams Gallery, New York
    Rachael Arauz, independent curator, Boston, MA
    Dennis Pinette, artist, Belfast, ME

  • Award | VSC Full Fellowship

    Artist's Residency
    Vermont Studio Center
    June, 2010
    Johnson, Vermont
    Vermont Studio Center
    Joan Mitchell Foundation

    VSC Fellowship supported by the Joan Mitchell Foundation.

  • Biennial Juried Exhibition | CMCA

    May 29 - July 17, 2010
    2008 Biennial Juried Exhibition
    CMCA Rockport, Maine
    Center for Maine Contemporary Art

    The Phoenix
    Moving Forward
    Annie Larmon

  • Group Exhibition | Pattern Recognition

    Zero Station
    May 8th, 2010
    222 Anderson Street
    Portland, ME
    Zero Station

  • Press | New World Order

    By Geoff Manaugh
    March, 2010

  • Publication | Data Flow 2

    By R. Klanten, N. Bourquin, S. Ehnmann, and T. Tissot
    Published by Gestalten
    February, 2010
    Data Flow 2

  • Group Exhibition | Drawing In Thread

    Contemporary Embroidery
    March 30th - May 2nd 2010
    Mount Ida College
    777 Dedham Street
    Newton, MA
    Mount Ida College Gallery

    Traditionally, embroidery is a decorative embellishment made with a needle and thread on textiles. This exciting exhibition includes the work of 19 contemporary artists who push the boundaries of the traditional meaning of embroidery.

  • Group Exhibition | Fifty-Two

    Presented by: Calm Air All Ice
    Room 212
    March 28th - April 3rd, 2010
    Bristol, UK
    Room 212
    Calm Air All Ice Blog

  • Solo Exhibition | Convergence

    A survey of process, pattern, and place

    Craftland Gallery
    March 18th - April 17th, 2010
    235 Westminster Street
    Providence, Rhode Island
    Craftland Gallery

    A collection of exploratory installations, collages, and studies; inspired by geological and biological processes, patterns in nature, geometry, and anatomy.

  • Group Exhibition | It Takes Two

    February, 2010
    56 North Main Street
    Rochester, New Hampshire

  • Group Exhibition | December

    December, 2009
    110 Congress Street
    Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  • Group Exhibition | Over and Under

    A Show of Stitches curated by Jenny Hart
    Yard Dog Gallery
    November, 2009
    Austin, Texas
    Yard Dog Gallery
    Over and Under Show

    Austin Chronicle

  • Biennial Juried Exhibition | Aggregate

    Alumni Biennial
    Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art
    September 2 – October 18, 2009
    Portland, Maine
    ICA at MECA

    The Phoenix
    Topographic Musings
    by Annie Larmon

    Portland Press Herald
    Collective Consciousness
    by Jamie Thompson

    Maine Sunday Telegram
    Sparks, sputters and sparkles at MECA
    by Daniel Kany

  • Publication | Perfect Paper

    By Adeline Low
    Published by Page One / Index Book
    August, 2009
    Perfect Paper

  • Group Exhibition | You've Got Light in Your Eyes

    Curated by Meighan O'Toole
    Needles & Pens
    May 02, 2009
    3253 16th Street
    San Francisco, California
    Needles & Pens Gallery

  • Group Exhibition | The Incredible Print Show

    May 01 - June 15, 2009
    56 North Main Street
    Rochester, New Hampshire

  • Group Exhibition | Double Vision

    Multi-Disciplinary Artists
    Luke & Eloy Gallery
    March 07 - April 18, 2009
    5169 Butler St.
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Luke & Eloy Gallery

  • Group Exhibition | Forget Me-Not

    Embroidered Love from the New Craft Movement
    Curated by Kristen Rask of Shmancy
    Gallery Hanahou
    February 06 - 27, 2009
    611 Broadway, Suite 730
    New York, New York
    Gallery Hanahou

  • Group Exhibition | At Last

    Ken Jones Jr. Fine Art
    February 04 - March 29, 2009
    526 Northampton Street
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    Ken Jones Jr. Fine Art

  • Group Exhibition | Romasco

    30 Romasco Studios
    Art Sale
    December 06 - December 12, 2008
    30 Romasco Street Portland, Maine

    Article in the Portland Phoenix
    First Friday Frenzy
    by Ian Paige

  • Group Exhibition | Itty/Bitty

    Yes Gallery
    November 07 - 30, 2008
    146 Water Street
    Warren, RI
    Yes Gallery + Studio

  • Biennial Juried Exhibition | CMCA

    August 09 - October 04, 2008
    2008 Biennial Juried Exhibition
    CMCA Rockport, Maine
    Center for Maine Contemporary Art

    Portland Press Herald | Maine Sunday Telegram
    Pushing the Boundaries
    by Bob Keyes

  • Group Exhibition | Devotion to Thread

    May 17 - June 14, 2008
    Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee WI
    Curated by Faythe Levine
    The Blog